With our Professionally qualified and experienced team, we provide reliable, dependable systems-based services to Indian / Foreign Banks, Corporates, Non Banking Financial Company(NBFC), Individuals and NRI's etc.

Security Trusteeship

  • Security creation in favour of the Trustee for one or more lenders,
  • Holding financing & security documents in safe custody thereby avoiding frequent transfers of documents from one lender to another,
  • Hold the security, enforce the security and protect the interest of lender(s),
  • Act upon instructions of lenders,
  • Efficient and Quick release/ reconveyance of mortgaged properties on repayment,
  • Enforce security, in case of default as per security documents,
  • Ceding of various types of charges subject to compliance of various pre-conditions, which would facilitate timely creation of security.

Security Agent

  • To create security in favour of lenders,
  • Hold security documents on behalf of lenders,
  • Act upon instructions of lenders.

Escrow Trustee / Agent

  • Escrow Trustee / Agent is appointed in case of critical & typical transactions for limited purpose,
  • Escrow Trustee / Agent is appointed as independent Agency to complete the transactions and to assist to comply with all applicable statutory/regulatory requirements pertaining to transactions contemplated by the respective agreements & the perfection of security for the benefit of lenders/clients.

Share Pledge Trustee

  • Obtain/Create pledge on behalf of lenders (including overseas lenders),
  • Monitor compliances, if any, laid down in the Share Pledge Agreement,
  • Ensure additional pledge/partial release of shares in case of shortfall/excess security cover, as stipulated in security documents.

Facility Agent

  • Facility Agent is appointed in cases of large syndication/multiple banking arrangements,
  • Co-ordination & facilitation of flow of credit.

Trustees for ESOP

  • Under ESOP Scheme, an Employer grants ESOPS to its employees/Directors as a benefit /Right to purchase/subscribe securities at a future date at predetermined price decided by remuneration /compensation committee,
  • Employees are enabled to participate/share in the growth of the Company and therefore ESOP is used as a measure of retention policy,
  • Remuneration/Compensation Committee allots options to its Employees/Directors as per ESOP/SEBI guidelines.
  • Roles of ESOP Trustee

  • To open / operate necessary accounts ( DP Accounts / Bank Accounts etc. ),
  • To monitor/supervise the trust including Audit of all trust accounts,
  • To distribute dividend as per instructions of compensation/remuneration committee,
  • To send periodical information at regular intervals to option holders, compensation / remuneration committee and Board of Trustees.

Alternate Investment Fund

  • Assisting in filing application with SEBI for approval and help/co-ordinate for getting registration,
  • Obtaining PAN/TAN and other registrations etc,
  • Monitoring Investment Manager,
  • Ensuring compliances of SEBI guidelines.
  • Appointing Internal Auditor for Trust Account,
  • Attending Queries/investor’s grievances,
  • Intermediary for exchange of information between Investment Manager and Investors,
  • Convening investor’s meet from time to time,
  • Income/dividend distribution so also distribution of proceeds of Divestment/redemption etc.

Safe Keeper

  • Accepting the documents of title /other important documents and agreeing to release and deliver in accordance with written instructions.
  • Keeping documents of various nature viz. security documents/title deeds, etc. in safe custody.
  • Documents are released or transfer is effected on completion /accomplishment of purpose.